Dhaka Pest is The First Bangladesh Government Approved  pest control company

Dhaka Pest control services are one of Bangladesh’s most popular government-approved pest control services. We provide all kinds of pest control services: Rodent Control Service, Cockroach Control Service, Termite Control Service, Bed Bug Control Service, Ants Control Service, Spider Control Service, Mosquitoes Control Service Container Fumigation Services, etc.

Government Approved.01778590999. Protect Environment.

Work With the Authority in Dhaka Pest Control

Bangladesh government takes care of people and Dhaka Pest takes care of you. As a GOVT-approved pest control, we’ve been helping the people who face the problem pests over a century. Our Precision Protection™ package was developed specifically for our customers in federal, state and local government, giving you access to established expertise and an approach tailored to your unique pest control needs – all from a trusted and pre-approved Dhaka Pest.

Dhaka Pest control has been established to provide a wide range of pest control services to commercial, industrial, domestic, the food & beverage industry & leisure industry, just to name a few.

With more than 20 years experience in the pest control industry, your specific needs & requirements are catered for in a professional manner.

Registered with the Dhaka City Corporation & approved by the Department of health.

Our Vision

Dedication of the Highest Quality of service delivery with a sense of warmth, friendliness & individual pride.

Our Mission

To make quality pest control services available to all operating with reliability, effectiveness, customer orientation & grate value for money through science & technology, integrated pest management & total quality management. 

Our Experience

Our pest control inspection team, technicians/exterminators are trained, certified & knowledgeable in all facets of pest control service. 
government approved
professional pest control

Our Services

  • Cockroach control guaranteed
  • Bedbug control guaranteed
  • Termite control guaranteed
  • Rodent control service
  • Residential pest control package
  • Commercial pest control
  • Industrial pest control


1. Structural Pest:

Termite is Most Destructive Structural Pest Organism in the World. It Feeds on Cellulose made structures like wooden Doors, Cabinets, and Wardrobes. Almera Etc. Even it can invade any concrete-made structures. That’s why it can damage the strength and stamina of building day by day. Symptoms might be mud channels close to the door frames and the surface of the wall.

Solution: Dhaka Pest Control Ltd. Provides a long-lasting, guaranteed Anti-termite Treatment Solution with Most Practiced, Long Time Effective Premium Quality Anti-Termite Pesticide both for the Pre-construction and Post-construction anti-termite Treatment pest control Needs in Bangladesh. If any existing Home is invaded with Termite This Pest Control Company Provides 5 Years Guaranteed Anti-termite Treatment Service. We Have around 5000k+ Existing Satisfied Pest Control Clients throughout Entire Bangladesh.

2. Vector Pest:

A pest that carries a disease-causing pathogen is collectively called a vector pest including Cockroaches, mosquitoes, House-fly, Wall Lizards, Rodents, ants, Spider, Centipede, Millipede, Flea, and Mite. Especially in summer, these issues arise almost everywhere. This Vector Pest Might be crawling or Flying. That’s why it requires Professional Pest Control Services for controlling these pests in healthy and safe ways. It Requires Proper public health pesticides which are non-hazardous to health and professional pest control equipment and proper training in pest control operation.

    government approved
    pest control in dhaka

    How to deal with a professional pest control service provider in Dhaka:

    Among the pest control companies in Bangladesh Dhaka Pest Control will be the best option for any pest control services demand for Residential Pest Control, Commercial Pest Control Needs and Industrial Pest Control Needs in Bangladesh. Because it Has a Well Trained Expert Pest Control Technician Team, Appointed Applied Entomologist for proper pest control safety mate, Pest Control planning. Having worldwide Mostly Practiced Pest control tools, Eco-friendly, safe, non-hazardous public health pesticides.  Dhaka Pest Control Ltd. Is Incorporated and Govt. Licensed Pest Control Company in Bangladesh. Well Established and Having Registered Office for Proper Pest Control Documentation Needs.

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