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PEST Control – Learn More About Annoying Pests & Take Action

যেসব পোকামাকড় আমাদের প্রতিদিনের জীবনকে ক্ষতিগ্রস্থ করে এবং যাদের সাথে যুদ্ধ করে আপনি প্রতিদিন ক্লান্ত হয়ে হাল ছেড়ে দিচ্ছেন, আসুন সেগুলোর প্রতিকারের উপায় খুজি।

Learn more about annoying pests & take action by pest library from Dhaka Pest Control Service.

Insects Control Service

বাংলাদেশ সরকার অনুমদিত একমাত্র পেস্ট কন্ট্রোল কোম্পানি।

পেস্ট কন্ট্রোল সার্ভিস নিন একমাত্র Dhaka Pest Control Service থেকে, পোকামাকড় মুক্ত জীবন কাটান নিশ্চিন্তে।


Identify & Control Common pest library

Protect Your Reguler Life From Common Insects

Frequently Asked Questions About Pest Control

What Is Pest Control?

Pest control helps prevent pests from making your house your home. Orkin Pros do so by assessing your unique situation and tailoring a pest control plan to evict any termites, bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, and more.

Are Chemicals Safe?

Pesticides designed for household insects are formulated at low concentration levels, and baits intended to eliminate ants or roaches are injected into cracks or put into plastic bait stations out of reach of children. Please speak to your Dhaka Pest about any chemical-related concerns.

What is considered a Insect Infestation

A pest infestation is when the pests feel comfortable enough to begin feeding and breeding in or near your home.

When Should You Spray For Insects?

One should spray for pests when they have infiltrated your spaces, and you’re concerned. It’s advisable to contact a pest control service to assess the issue and offer a tailored solution to your pest problem.

How Long Does It Take To Pest Control To Work?

Pest control results can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the pest and situation.

pest library


You have to identify the infestation of roaches & need to take cockroach control service by Dhaka pest.

pest Control Dhaka: 01778590999. Protect Environment.

Types of Cockroaches

What do cockroaches look like?

Cockroaches can measure over 50 mm (2 in) length, with tropical species tending to be larger than those found in other climates. 


Structure of Cockroaches

Cockroaches have six legs, two antennae and some even have wings. However, most winged cockroaches are not particularly adept at flying. With flat, oval-shaped bodies, these pests are often oily to the touch and may be cool or warm, depending on the temperature of their environment. Cockroaches in the house are better at hiding than you are at finding them, and their eggs are naturally protected from many over-the-counter insecticides and are elusive when it comes to cockroach traps. Without special equipment, materials and know-how, pest control for cockroaches can be a losing battle. Read more about what a cockroach looks like.

How do I get rid of cockroaches?

While a cockroach infestation is one of the most common pest problems, it’s also one of the most stubborn. Since every home is different, an Dhaka Pest technician can design a unique cockroach treatment program perfect for your needs.

Cockroach Control By Dhaka Pest

Getting rid of roaches and keeping them out of your home or building is an ongoing process, not a one-time treatment. Orkin’s exclusive A.I.M. solution is a continuing cycle of three critical steps — Assess, Implement and Monitor — which provides an effective strategy for pest control of roaches and other pests. Dhaka Pest can provide the right solution for a cockroach infestation to keep roaches in their place… out of your home or business.


Understanding Cockroach Problems

The more you know about cockroaches, the better you can predict and control their behavior. Here are some quick facts to help you on your way. 

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