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Top 5 Signs of a Termite Infestation

Termite infestations can compromise the structural stability of a home, and cause thousands of dollars in damage, without anyone even knowing. It’s important to get a termite inspection done by a licensed pest professional every one to three years to keep the property safe from termites. However, there are also some red flags signaling the presence of termites that homeowners can keep an eye out for on a regular basis. Here are the top five signs of termite infestation to look out for in your home.


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Protect your home or business from termites by learning techniques for identification and control.

Types of Termites

What do termites look like?

There are over 2,000 different species of termites with over 40 species in Bangladesh. Although they have distinct characteristics, most look similar. They typically measure between 1/4 and 1/2 of an inch long and have soft bodies with straight antennae. The queens and kings are larger, capable of reaching over one inch long. Colors range from white to light brown where worker termites often appear lighter, while swarming termites darker. Flying termites, also called reproductives, have two pairs of prominent wings.

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Termite Control Service

We Provide Termite Control Service in Bangladesh with Five year of service guarantee.

Termite Control Procedure by Dhaka Pest

We have aristocrat worldwide mostly used Anti-termite pesticide, which are efficient, durable, having standard anti-termite pesticides application experience for 20 years in the practical field both for Preconstruction Anti-termite Treatment and Post-construction Anti-termite Treatment. 

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Anti Termite Treatments By Dhaka Pest

Dhaka Pest Control in Bangladesh is rendering it’s professional Anti-termite treatment service to our valuable clients in the field of real estates and building owners, civil engineers with very satisfying results. We make proper plan, servay before each and every steps of anti-termite treatment. We provide 10 years of guaranteed termite treatment service against Most Destructive Structural Pest Termite. We also provide aftwr sales service to valued clients. So Don’t wait plz feel free to call us if you need to protect home and structures against Termite Pest.

Why Choose Dhaka Pest Control Service:

Most common insecticides do not completely eradicate termites. Call Dhaka Pest Control if you notice the presence of termites. Only Dhaka Pest Control can provide permanent solution to termite problem.

Dhaka Pest – Termite Control:
  • Drilling treatment is done in termite infested areas.
  • Special care is taken in wooden frames and wall joinings.
  • Fumigation is done on electric boards.
  • All-over basic spray
  • The drilling points are sealed with white cement.
termite pest control
Why is Dhaka Pest ahead in termite control
  • Scientific servicing.
  • Skilled and experienced technician team. Proper monitoring.
  • Conducting activities according to a perfect plan.
  • 5 year written guarantee.

Why is Dhaka Pest ahead in termite control?

  • Scientific servicing.
  • Skilled and experienced technician team. Proper monitoring.
  • Conducting activities according to a perfect plan.
  • 5 year written guarantee.
Dhaka Pest-Commitment:

Only Dhaka pest promises a permanent solution to termite problems and provides a vital support to private homes, so they don’t need to stress about termite problems.


A general assessment for termites or damage caused by them, Dhaka Pest makes a proper plan for termite control according to the structure of your home or business and conducts periodic surveys to follow its progress, effectively completing termite control to avoid additional problems in your business or building. service

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