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Dhaka Pest 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Pest Control

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Dhaka Pest Management Services 

Dhaka Pest helps keep pests out, so you can provide a cleaner, healthier worshipping environment.

Is your Pest Control getting the job done?

You take the health and safety of your congregation seriously. So, when it comes to pest control, you need to trust that your pest problems are taken care of the first time around.

Dhaka Pest has set the standard for reliability and performance in the pest control industry for generations. They understand your need for highly effective pest management, especially in sensitive areas of your church like the nursey and kitchen. As one of the most respected pest management providers in the country, you can rest assured that Dhaka Pest will get the job done right every time.

By following the latest best practices in Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Dhaka Pest helps keep pests—and the germs they carry—out, so you can provide a cleaner, healthier worshipping environment.

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Protecting the property and safety. That’s why Dhaka Pest is proud to offer Dhaka Pest Termite Control – a professional service that uses a powerful but eco-friendly EPA-labeled disinfectant to help remove Termites from your area—with little to no downtime for your daily operations. Dhaka Pest Termite Control is an effective way to protect property, non-porous surfaces and also sanitize soft, porous surfaces.

With Dhaka Pest you can expect consistent, effective service delivered by well-trained technicians, and backed by a sturdy guarantee. Because pest problems can occur at any time, they offer national and local service support — 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

As Lifeway’s only preferred vendor for pest control:

Orkin is proud to offer your church negotiated pricing on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services.

Lifeway customers also receive a 10% discount on other Pest Control Services, including:

  • Termite Protection
  • Bed Bug Services
  • Cockroach Killer
  • Mosquito Control
  • Rat Traps

The Dhaka Pest Triple Guarantee

Dhaka Pest team are confident about their pest control procedure so that they provides pest triple service guarantee.

You don’t need to beleave through the conversation you with us. We always provide a written & legal service guarantee card with money recept & official bill copy.

After getting our service, If you face any problems of insects, you can complain us at hotline: 01778590999. Our customer support team would give you reschedule for 2nd service free of cost.

তেলাপোকা, উইপোকা, ছারপোকা, ইঁদুরসহ সব ধরনের পোকামাকড় জনীত সমস্যা সমাধানে

Dhaka Pest Control Service আছে আপনার পাশে।



গ্রাহকদের সন্তুষ্টি অর্জনে

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2X24 Response Guarantee

When you see a pest, you need service right away — 365 days a year. Dhaka Pest will respond to your request within 2 Minutes and, if needed, have someone on site at your facility within 24 hours — guaranteed.

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Reimbursement Guarantee

Should your organization be fined by a regulatory agency due solely to pest infestation, Dhaka Pest will reimburse you for the amount of those fines that are paid.

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360° Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 60 days’ complimentary service if you’re not satisfied with the way Dhaka Pest begins their service.
  • 60 days’ complimentary service if you’re not satisfied at any time thereafter.
  • 60 days’ complimentary service by another provider if you’re still not satisfied.